4 Steps to Successful SEO

My four steps to SEO. If you’re someone new to SEO and know nothing at all then this article is for you.

The aim of this guide: 4 Steps to Successful SEO is to teach someone who knows absolutely nothing about SEO but would like to understand the basics of it. Before we continue, do you know what SEO stands for?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, Its the art and science of getting your business, products or services to show at the top of Google (and others) search engine for free.

1, Create great content.

Create high-quality content around the products or services your business offers that your visitors will find useful. When creating the content on your website it’s important that you don’t “try too hard” by dropping keywords in every sentence, making it unreadable to humans. Don’t copy content from another website selling the same product or service. Create content for your visitors, not search engines!

2, Know what keywords to target.

It’s a good idea before creating the content on your website that you know what keywords to target. For example, if your a Plumber and you live and work in Northampton then a good keyword would be Plumber Northampton. When you go and create the content on your site, you can use the words Plumber and based in Northampton. If you have no idea what keywords to target at all, you can use the Moz keyword tool to find them.

3, Off-page SEO.

Off-page SEO leverages external web links and social media to boost your website’s authority on Google. Use the traditional tactic of getting relevant inbound links. Then, leverage social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to enhance your SEO effects.

4, Never stop learning SEO.

SEO starts with self-discovery, proceeds through technical knowledge and ends with hard work of implementation.